Chevy has some yarn that he wants to use to make hats and scarves. Each hat uses 0.20.20, point, 2 kilograms of yarn and each scarf uses 0.10.10, point, 1 kilograms of yarn. Chevy wants to use 222 kilograms of yarn to make a total of 151515 items.Let hhh be the number of hats Chevy makes and sss be the number of scarves he makes.Which system of equations represents this situation?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The following system of equations represents the situation:0.2h + 0.1s = 2 s + h = 15Step-by-step explanation:Hi there!The total amount of yarn is 2 kg and we know that each hat uses 0.2 kg yarn and each scarf uses 0.1 kg. Then, the amount of yarn used per hat times the number of hats made, plus the amount of yarn used per scarf times the number of scarves made will be 2 kg.h = number of hatss = number of scarves0.2h + 0.1s = 2 We also know that the total quantity of items made is 15, then, the number of hats plus the number of scarves will be 15:s + h = 15Then, we obtain the following system of equations:0.2h + 0.1s = 2 s + h = 15Only for curiosity, let´s solve the system:Solve for h in the second equation:h = 15 - sReplace h in the first equation:0.2(15 - s) + 0.1s = 23 - 0.2s + 0.1s = 2-0.1s = -1s = -1/-0.1s = 10Then, h = 5