YUCULIONYHarris has $20.92 to spend on video-game rentals at a local video store. Thestore charges $3.95 per video-game rentalplus an 8.125% tax. What is themaximum number of video games thatHarris can rent?

Accepted Solution

You need to figure out how much each video game actually costs after tax.   First, we are going to figure out how much 8.125 % tax is on a 3.95 video game.   To do this, you take the % tax and divide it by 100. So we will divide 8.125 by 100 to get 0.08125. This is the tax in decimal form. Then you multiply the decimal form of the tax by the cost of the video game. This means we go 3.95 x 0.08125 = 0.3209375 This means the store charges an *extra* 0.32 dollars per video game.   So a video game from this store really costs 3.95 + 0.32 = 4.2709375 Now, figure out how many video games Harris can buy. Divide 20.92 / 4.27 = 4.899 video games Since Harris can't buy 0.899 of a video game, he will only be able to buy 4 games total.